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SELFLESS – Why and how?

Created by a team of up and coming filmmakers around the globe, SELFLESS explores the joy generated by simple, sentimental objects and the power of thinking of others and being selfless. We shot this film while on the island of  Bonaire in the Caribbean after meeting only a few days earlier. We had 48 hourss to pull it off and to go all the way from idea, scriptwriting, location scouting, scene planning, shooting to editing, grading, scoring and mastering.

Throughout filming, the cohesiveness and inventiveness of our group came clear as the entire shoot wrapped in just 5 hours. We hope you have as much fun watching our film as we had creating it.

Interested now? Watch the film here!

To learn more about the individual members of the SELFLESS Team, check out the team page!

Story Synopsis

A caribbean vacation goes awry for a young girl when she loses her beloved teddy bear. After witnessing the young girl lose her teddy bear, a normally apathetic homeless man takes it upon himself to ensure the teddy bear’s safety. Meanwhile, the young girl wonders in mystery if she will ever reunite with her lost friend.